• Are Your Sales Results Worthy of Applause?

    You can create a more effective sales organization.

    You will exceed expectations.

    No more excuses, just performance.

    You will achieve this through Clarity, Performance & Growth™.

    Are Your Sales Results Worthy of Applause?
  • Sales Acceleration!™ Process

    Clarity: Define who you sell to, and who are your best clients.

    Performance: The process and tools to drive peak performance.

    Growth: Change the culture of your sales organization and your business.

    Sales Acceleration!™ Process
  • Business to Business Services Specialists

    Over 30 years of Sales and Sales Leadership.

    Effective and proven methodology.

    Clear path of execution.

    Focus on Business to Business Services Companies.

    Business to Business Services Specialists

build trust. build your business.™

New Reality Reactive growth models don’t work anymore. Positive momentum is not achieved by waiting for things to turn around.

Re-Ignite Not sure where your next deal is coming from? Has cold water been thrown all over your sales momentum? Re-Ignite your pipeline by creating momentum.

Accelerate It’s hard to put the pedal down if you don’t know what’s coming around the corner. Sustain your growth by putting the right tools in the hands of your producers.

Complimentary Assessment Let’s find out what you are doing right and see if there are areas that need to be addressed. Take our online assessment and find out.

Jack Kelly has that rare combination of competence, personal ethics, and drive….  He works hard for the client’s bottom line, and while the term “exceeding expectations” has become somewhat cliché, truly does exceed beyond the parameters of what we expect as clients.–Denise Pirotti Hummel, J.D., CEO