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Not sure who to listen to? Start with the voice of your clients.

Account Acceleration!  – Stop Guessing and Start Growing

By listening to the voice of your client, you will discover where you excel, where you need to improve, and how to rapidly grow your business. Account Acceleration!  will create clarity on how to grow your business to that elusive “next level,” with short, intermediate, and long term revenue growth.

Satisfied with your sales productivity? Then stop reading.

Sales Acceleration! 

You know your business, but you struggle to create a sustainable productivity from your sales organization. Sales Acceleration!  combines sales strategy, operations, and execution to create and align a competitive and growth-focused sales organization. You will hire better, drive the right activity, and grow through our proprietary acceleration process.


By KASEY SCHEFFLIN-EMRICH Special to U-T San Diego12:01 A.M.APRIL 7, 2014

Knowing when to close a deal and giving the sales team the power to either make a deal or walk away if it is not the right fit is vital in helping sales staff perform well.

“The best way companies can motivate and help a B2B sales staff to be successful is by investing in the development of their sales leader.”

– Jack Kelly, Principal and Founder

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  • Corlea Group becomes a partner of your company.  Not only do they provide immediate direct sales impact, they also examine your company to construct a repeatable and reproducible sales process and strategy to ensure your company thrives

    Kim Lim, Owner & FounderUltimate Labs, Inc.
  • I would highly recommend the Corlea Group to any business owner or manager. The impact has been twofold; increased sales and increased client retention. I am extremely pleased with both of those results. If you are a small to mid-size firm looking to get to the next level, without question, the Corlea Group can help you get there.

    Scott Maichel, PrincipalAmCheck
  • The Corlea Group has been such an asset to our team on a variety of levels. The Corlea Group’s impact and positive delivery is seen in measurable results. They have really done an exceptional job in understanding what makes our business so different - and the sales role somewhat challenging - working with our team to refine their approach to win customer engagements. The Corlea Group is truly a valued partner in the continued development of our sales team and our business.

    Emilie Hersh, CEOInterknowlogy


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