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We love seeing businesses thrive. As Entrepreneurs, Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals, you risk your livelihood every day. Your willingness to take the daily challenges that driving growth requires is not recognized enough. Often the critics are the ones who have never attempted to determine their own destiny. Our goal is to smooth out your road to success by creating clarity, performance and growth across your company. The Corlea Group is a team dedicated to using our depth of experience combined with your expertise to open your eyes to the possibilities you may not see and help illuminate the path to your goals. We are especially adept at identifying your unique value, creating strategy and driving action to achieve your desired results. We know how passionate you are about what you do and your passion is what motivates us to perform. We can’t wait to work with you.


  • Lead Growth

    Client need short term lead generation along with long term strategy. Reached out to client base and informed them of additional services, generated over 100 leads per location (10 locations total) within 6 weeks.

  • Revenues

    Client’s growth had stalled, operations were overwhelming her. Identified operational bottlenecks and resource needs and reorganized sales organization. 1 year after implementing changes, client revenues grew by 50%.

  • Overall Growth

    Client was looking to establish U.S. presence to lessen dependency on shrinking channel partners for revenue. Established U.S. office, executed Sales & Marketing plan creating direct revenue stream resulting in higher company value, stabilizing revenues and foundation for additional growth.

  • Personnel

    By working with client to define target client, buyers and complexity of sales process we helped defined the profile of the right sales professional needed for their organization. CEO now can focus on strategic direction of firm without worrying if new business opportunities are being handled professionally and effectively.


We are some enthusiastic people. We are so excited to see you here. Let us introduce ourselves.


We will be recognized as the most sincere, ethical and successful business consulting firm in the U.S. We achieve this by providing our clients exceptional sales and business development consulting, by being genuine in our approach, frank with our assessments and by driving measurable growth based on our client’s desired outcomes.

Mission Statement

The Corlea Group exists to help business to business entrepreneurs, executives and sales professionals create an exciting and sustainable growth culture. We do this by combining the power of relationships, leadership, genuine concern for their client’s success and operational excellence.  Our mission is to deliver over and over again so our clients realize their goals and aspirations creating a positive impact for their company, family and the community in which they live.

Words from Clients

  • Corlea Group becomes a partner of your company.  Not only do they provide immediate direct sales impact, they also examine your company to construct a repeatable and reproducible sales process and strategy to ensure your company thrives

    Kim Lim, Owner & Founder
    Kim Lim, Owner & FounderUltimate Labs, Inc.
  • I would highly recommend the Corlea Group to any business owner or manager. The impact has been twofold; increased sales and increased client retention. I am extremely pleased with both of those results. If you are a small to mid-size firm looking to get to the next level, without question, the Corlea Group can help you get there.

    Scott Maichel, Principal
    Scott Maichel, PrincipalAmCheck
  • The Corlea Group has been such an asset to our team on a variety of levels. The Corlea Group’s impact and positive delivery is seen in measurable results. They have really done an exceptional job in understanding what makes our business so different - and the sales role somewhat challenging - working with our team to refine their approach to win customer engagements. The Corlea Group is truly a valued partner in the continued development of our sales team and our business.

    Emilie Hersh, CEO
    Emilie Hersh, CEOInterknowlogy
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