About Us

The Corlea Group was founded with one thing in mind: Helping businesses grow. We have companies create repeatable and sustainable results because of our real world experience. Because we have run companies, departments and divisions of small and large businesses, we have a comprehensive view of the cause and effect of every activity within a company. Through our Sales Acceleration process of Clarity, Performance and Growth©, our San Diego Business Consulting Firm will maximize your investment in us by quickly understanding your value chain and where improvements can be made. The result will be an engaged, focused and productive team with positive results in the short term, while creating a foundation for sustained growth over time.

Our Promise:

We will not offer to help you if we can’t provide measurable improvements to your organization.

We will be transparent about and responsible for our team of professionals working on this project whether internal employees, consultants or other service providers.

We will provide regularly scheduled updates on progress, challenges and successes related to the project and budget.

We will do everything in our power to provide you an exact solution that exceeds your expectations.

If there is not a good fit for our services we will do our best to help you identify the right solution for your company.