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FAQ’s – Sales Acceleration!

What is the typical profile of a company you have worked with?

B2B Product and Services companies based in Southern California, with revenues of $1 million to $50 million.

Do you specialize in a particular industry/market?

We have worked with companies across multiple industries. The common theme is they are heavily involved with their clients on an ongoing basis, or should be.  Examples of industries we have serviced are: Contract Manufacturing Organizations in the Biotech/Life Science industry, Wealth Management, Insurance Brokerages, Payroll & Human Resource Outsourcing, Online/E-Commerce, Advertising Agencies, Globalization Service companies, Manufacturing, Custom Software Development, Government Contractors, and more.

How many people should be involved?

We generally like to have the entire executive team involved in the initial strategy stages, along with leadership of the marketing and sales teams, if they are not part of the executive team.

How long does it take?

Three months is the quickest we have done it, but our process continues to be streamlined.  To really take hold as a new way of doing business, usually takes 6 months, minimum.

How often do we need to meet?

At least weekly if not more often, depending upon how fast you are able to go based on time and resource constraints.

What is the time commitment?

Two hours a week, with a minimum of 1 hour of meeting time, and 1 hour of “homework” or research for each participating team member.

What if it doesn’t work?

Then chances are you are not following the recommendations you have created as a team.  It’s our worst fear as consultants – that you won’t do anything once we are gone.  The good news is we generally build 3 to 6 months of coaching into our engagements to help it become a part of the way you do business.

What are the resources we need to be successful?

That depends upon what you already have in-house.  You may need to invest in some technology to help with the build-out of the proper tools to support your sales organization, or we may be able to leverage what you have.  The greatest resources we use are your time and your brain power, to collaborate with us to create the right strategy, tools, and execution plan for your company.

What can we expect when we are “all done”?

You will have a clear strategic approach to your sales efforts, including the tools needed to execute, and an understanding of the practical, day to day, week to week, and month to month activities needed to be successful.

Is there a simple trick you can teach us to make our sales team work better?

No.  We can give you some short term advice like:  “Call prospects on the day before a holiday because it is a great time to catch them.”  But then what will you do for the next 360 days of the year?  And what will your approach be on those calls?  For long-lasting success, tricks never work, especially when you are trying to build relationships based on trust with prospects and clients.

Can’t you just tell us what is wrong and fix it, without having to go through the process?

Chances are we could.  As a matter of fact, we could just hand you the process we follow and walk away.  The problem is you won’t do it, we can almost guarantee it.  You also won’t have a third party who can bring the outside in, and give you the frank feedback and guidance you need to create an optimal solution.  You can try, but chances are you won’t.

Can you offer ongoing coaching assistance?

Absolutely.  Situational coaching is essential, as is goal-based professional coaching.  We provide all of these to help you optimize the strategy, the tools, and most importantly, your talents.

Common Objections – Sales Acceleration!

It takes too long!

True, it takes a while to execute.  Part of the reason for this is that your time is limited.  You are busy, as is your team.  The best consulting engagements do just that – engage the whole team in the culture change you are embarking upon.  But keep your eye on the ball – are you in business for a few months, or a few years?  A few years, or a decade?  Regardless of your timeline, putting the time in now pays off later.

You are a generalist – you don’t know my business.

In most cases you are correct.  What we do know well is the Business to Business space, and one theme rings true – it is competitive.  Whether or not you are able to truly distinguish yourself in your marketing efforts, the greatest separation or elevation above your competition comes in the sales/buying process.  We know how to create that separation for you and your team, regardless of industry.  And you can be assured we will make every effort to learn your business as deeply as possible.

It’s too expensive.

It is if you are not in need of our help.  If you could tell someone their investment would yield 10x within 2 years – would you take it?  Generally, yes.  Our results have, on the low end, yielded 5x within the first year, with one outstanding one yielding 600x within 1 ½ years.  The consideration is, what are you trying to accomplish?  Then look at the investment, and see if it makes sense.

I don’t have time.

We get this.  You are a successful entrepreneur, Sales Leader, CEO – you don’t have time.  We have developed ways for you to be coached through the process, without having to meet for long periods during your golden hours of 8 to 5, or whatever they may be. This revolutionary approach is available, in addition to a traditional consulting model where we come on-site consistently.


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