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Growth Acceleration


By listening to the voice of your client, you will discover where you excel, where you need to improve, and how to rapidly grow your business.  Account Acceleration!  will create clarity on how to grow your business to that elusive “next level,” with short, intermediate, and long term outcomes.


You know your business, but your struggle may be to create a sustainable sales organization. Sales Acceleration!  combines sales strategy, operations, and execution to create and align a competitive and growth-focused sales organization. You will hire better, drive the right activity, and grow through our proprietary acceleration process.


What is SEO vs. paid search? Is social media a right fit for my business? Is my website engaging the people I want to sell to? How well does email marketing really work? How do I align offline marketing with online marketing? These questions are answered for you, and an actionable, measurable plan is created through the Corlea Group’s Marketing Acceleration!  services. We align your goals with the right technology, to create the highest ROI for your marketing dollars through discovery, research and execution with the latest marketing technologies and strategies.

A La Carte Acceleration Services

Do you feel you have just one or two areas to improve upon in your business? The Corlea Group has experts in the following areas that can take on your most important priorities. We will customize the solutions to your needs, and execute them efficiently and effectively, based upon the outcomes you are driving toward for your business.



If you are struggling to choose, implement or migrate to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to help you keep track of your key sales, marketing and customer service activities, we can help. We are platform agnostic and will help you identify and implement the right CRM based on your needs, budget and desired outcome.


It’s a cliché but even Lebron James needs a coach!  The best athletes in the world rely on coaching to continually help them incrementally improve how they execute. The same is true for business.  You may have the experience but just need someone to help you identify where you need to improve and help you realize the path you need to take. The ability is inside of you but often we put up our own barriers to our success. Our professional coaches will help you recognize those barriers, help you build strategy for success and hold you accountable to execute so you can excel the way you are capable.

Customized Training & Speaking

Need a quick boost for your team, either onsite, or at your quarterly or annual meeting? The Corlea Group covers a variety of topics with the most current and cutting edge approach, with its interactive topics related to Leadership, Sales, Marketing and Strategy. Your teams will walk away inspired with strategies and tactics they can implement immediately to accelerate their success!

Outsourced Sales & Marketing

If you are ready to grow, but not ready to run your own sales and marketing organization, let the Corlea Group do it for you. Based on your goals and needs, we will help create and sustain an aligned and effective sales and marketing department for your company. You are able to focus on what you do best, and let our sales and marketing team help you find the most profitable clients to drive your growth.


Search Engine Optimization

Effective Search Engine Optimization can make a measurable difference in the growth of your business. People don’t look much past page one of their search results. If being found online is important to the reputation of your brand and/or to driving new business opportunities, SEO is critical for your business. Our team of experts will assist you with the best terms to move you up in the search rankings so your business gets noticed, thus driving more visitors to your site and more growth to your company.

Web Design & Social Media

Is social media a mystery to you? Does it even make sense for your business? Our Social Media experts will help you define and implement the best strategy for your business. We help make the mystery of Social Media profitable and valuable part of your business.


Video has rapidly become the most popular way to consume information online. Are you keeping up with it? Do you have a video presence online that represents your company and its brand effectively? What is more effective? White board videos? Slide videos? Videos of you, your clients and colleagues? Our experts will help identify the best platform and most efficient use of this powerful medium to create the right message, image and results you desire.

Persona Development

Who do you sell to? What “buyers” are there in your sales process? How do they think? What is important to them on a company, department and professional basis? If you understand the answers to these questions, you and your sales and marketing teams/people will recognize more quickly how to communicate more effectively with the people making the purchasing decisions. This will maximize your marketing and sales, and accelerate the velocity of your sales cycle.

Organizational Development

Strategy Acceleration!

Who is your ideal client? What markets should you be in? What new products and services should you be innovating to drive the rapid and profitable growth of your business? If these are some of the questions you are grappling with, the Corlea Group’s Strategy Acceleration!  process will create a clear roadmap to your aspirations for your business.
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