Do you have a defined sales process? Do you stick with it? Has it changed with the growth of your organization? Do you have the alignment with other departments? Does your technology support or hinder your efforts? Are the rights tools in place to support the team? How are you training the leadership for success?

New Companies

Starting with the right foundation is very important. There is no reason to “over-invest” in processes and technology. What is important is to make the right investments. If you are planning for gradual or rapid growth the foundational work is equally important. The ability to see the needs of the organization in the future is paramount. Who should be on our sales and/or business development team as producers? Leaders? What are the tools necessary to ensure focus on their core responsibilities? How do we properly incent our team?

Emerging Companies

As a company grows the focus is on the development of a product or service separating them from their competition or creates a whole new category within their industry. The focus then moves to bringing in revenue. After running through the obvious targets, personal and professional networks the pipeline begins to dry up. The reactive sales model runs out of steam. Revenue flattens out or begins to dip and then the realization sets in: How do we now help our sales team consistently drive new revenue? What is our strategy for current client revenue growth? How can we drive organic growth successful with a more mature product offering?

Mature Companies

Your company is a successful going concern. The revenue producing team has generally been successful but has run into hard times or lost key people and is rebuilding or is facing a changing marketplace and needs to adjust successfully or be left behind. You have invested in the best processes, technology and people but are still struggling. How can you get the competitive edge back? Where are the underlying weaknesses in your team? How do you get a team that is used to selling a certain way change to adjust to the dynamic demands of the marketplace?

The Corlea Group’s Thoughtful DisciplineTM is a flexible model built to help and organization at any stage of the growth curve. This rapidly deployed process is based upon leading trends in the industry supported by independent research. The San Diego Business Consulting Services offered by the Corlea Group  combines these elements to create a sustainable growth plan that supports your team and gives the company the predictable revenue and profitability your desire.

Thoughtful DisciplineTM

Clarity – A comprehensive look at existing business development and sales tools, people, culture and leadership styles to help determine the optimal set up for your organization’s growth.

Performance – By combining your best internal practices along with proven best practices we will create a process that fits your company’s goals, values and culture. This will create clarity for the team, high performing individuals and teams in order to drive sustainable growth.

Growth – We won’t leave you to figure it out on your own. We work closely with your leadership and, if needed, each individual on your team to ensure a high performance culture takes hold. We help you evaluate how it is working in practice and see if adjustments or changes are needed to optimize success. Depending upon the success of the program and your comfort level with leading the change, we are available as you need us to be during this critical time.