Outsourced Sales and Business Development

Is yours a small business which has grown reactively and you realize it’s time to have a proactive approach to sales?  Are you ready to take the leap but are hesitant to “pull the trigger” because of the infrastructure, management and investment involved in creating a sales organization?

Would you be interested if the Corlea Group could:

  • Drive new business for your firm based on agreed upon goals
  • Hire and manage your professional staff to increase business on your company’s behalf
  • Create an integrated approach with your marketing team/provider to ensure maximum productivity and value in every interaction
  • Create and implement your sales process and sales tools
  • Turn over to you a well-oiled sales organization with all of the tools, processes and people in place to continue your sustainable growth trajectory into the future

The Corlea Group has been providing in-sourced sales and sales leadership solutions for our clients that have resulted in new revenue, new relationships, quality sales and repeatable and sustainable infrastructure.

We keep the costs affordable by combining a flat monthly fee with incentive-based performance.  Our work ethic ensures our clients peace of mind that we are working every day to drive their company’s growth.  We do so with the highest level of integrity and ethics.