Sales Process

Accelerating your sales requires discipline.  Chances are your sales processes fall within one of two categories:

  • Obtrusive – there are too many non-aligned processes getting in the way of your sales professional.  The best of intentions end up de-motivating your team and eroding your sales.
  • Non-existent – there are no processes and new sales professionals are brought in and told to figure it out as they go along.  This appears to provide great freedom but often results in a scattered approach and inconsistent results.

San Diego Business Consulting Firm, The Corlea Group will analyze your current and past performance to quickly determine an optimal sales process and the tools necessary to support it, creating repeatable and sustainable results without getting in the way of your team.

Sales Automation

What tools will help your team succeed:  CRM? Mobile? Proposal tools? What is the right balance?  What tools will your team actually use?

We will leverage your existing sales process, or help you create specific strategies. We will analyze which tools will benefit you the most, and how each tool should best be used. Then we will train your team for success.